Wordpress launched a couple of months ago, a new plugin that allows anyone to host a digital currency trading platform. With the application, WP website owners can earn fees from various crypto asset trades.

The developer of the plugin called “Wpcryptoexchange” tweeted on June 19, that there are now 300 active installs of his Crypto Exchange WordPress plugin.

On April 22, 2020, news.Bitcoin.com reported on a new platform called the “Wpcryptoexchange” or the Crypto Exchange WordPress plugin. For now, the application allows people to trade various cryptocurrencies including ETH, DAI, BAT, and WBTC using someone’s WordPress site that has the plugin installed. Other cryptocurrencies may be added to the roster of Wpcryptoexchange supported coins in the future.

The developer Alon Goren from the firm, Goren Holm, released the new WordPress (WP) so literally anyone can create a crypto exchange on any WP-based site. The platform leverages the Totle application programming interface (API) and the website wpcryptoexchange.com gives WP website owners simple to follow, step-by-step installation instructions.

Since the initial launch, Goren revealed on June 19, the Crypto Exchange WordPress plugin now has roughly 300 active installs. “Just checked and there are over 300 active installs of the Crypto Exchange WordPress Plugin,” Goren tweeted. The developer added:

That means because of ME (& Totlecrypto), there are over 300 more websites on the internet that allow you to swap tokens on them.

In order for people to leverage Goren’s Crypto Exchange WordPress plugin, all they need to do is download the zip file and give the plugin privileges from the WP admin. After activating the plugin, anyone can have their “own cryptocurrency exchange that will route the trades across all decentralized exchanges,” the developer’s website details.

WP website owners can customize trading fees and even set fees at zero if they prefer. The application is backed by the company Draper Goren Holm, which is a “blockchain venture studio,” associated with the well known venture capitalist Tim Draper. Goren’s Crypto Exchange WordPress plugin that uses the Totle API, can work with a number of digital currency wallets that support the Ethereum chain and ERC20 tokens.

Goren’s Crypto Exchange WP plugin also has a step-by-step tutorial on how website owners can customize colors and window sizes by using custom CSS code. Essentially these configurations can transform how the crypto exchange looks and feels to visitors. Further, there’s a walkthrough and Youtube video available, so WP owners can learn how to earn trading fees from decentralized crypto exchanges in a passive manner.

The video leverages the Metamask wallet and it “walks you through the whole process, including running a test transaction,” explains the website’s guide.

In order to follow along and test the fee settings with the video presentation, a WP install with Crypto Exchange Plugin activated is required. Also an “ethereum wallet on Metamask with some ETH for gas fees,” the website notes.